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In Turkish Capital Markets, trust, speed, and technology are of paramount importance in trading equities and derivatives.

Domestic Equities and Derivatives with Gedik Private

The strategies employed by Gedik Private Strategy Group (GPS) offer guidance in Istanbul Stock Exchange and Derivatives markets

Advantages of working with Gedik Private

  • Privilege to work with dedicated Gedik Private Investment Specialists
  • First-hand access to execute buy/sell stock orders via Gedik Investment’s fast and reliable systems
  • Tailor made and rigorously tested investment solutions catered to specific demand and needs of private clients and opportunity for short selling via margin accounts and borrowed stocks
  • Exclusive access to GPS commentaries and daily reports on equities & derivatives, and daily trade ideas to act on short term price dislocations and anomalies
  • Integration with DMA (Direct Market Access) that allows private investors to place buy/sell orders directly