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Let us find your path in financial markets

Our investment consulting business prides itself on our ability to offer tailor made services exclusively designed for you.

Our Private Wealth Executives ensure that current market conditions are evaluated in the best manner and you are offered the most efficient and suitable investment solutions that will help you meet your income objectives.

Key Characteristics of our Private Investment Consulting Services

  • Gedik Private investors can select financial instruments from our platforms that best fit their needs and objectives
  • Our Gedik Private Strategy Team will continuously share the economic outlook, opportunities, risks and trading ideas with you and you will be notified of many opportunities beforehand
  • After having evaluated the solutions offered to you, you will be making the final investment decision

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Gedik Private is that we bring investment opportunities not only from Turkey but also from around the globe.

Gedik Private’s Approach to Private Investment Consulting

  • Customized Investment Solutions
  • Advanced Investment Consulting
  • Accurate timing and decision making based on varying market conditions
  • Periodic portfolio analysis
  • Gedik Private Strategy (GPS) Analysis