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The performance of fixed income instruments can be optimized. With derivatives products tailored to your risk/return expectations, your portfolio can be managed effectively.

Cash Management Products

Compliant with your risk profile and expected maturity, we strive to maximize your return for your savings.

Derivatives Products

With Gedik Private, you can invest in products such as forward, swap, futures, options and structured products that offer greater flexibility and compelling return than conventional bank products. The expansion of derivative products in Turkey led by increasing integration in global financial markets created a demand for expertise and specific knowledge for these products. Gedik Private, a leading expert in international investment products, offers high product range to high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional clients that will help investors navigate through difficult cycles while protecting against the downside risk and price swings.

Higher volatility investments tend to produce higher returns than less volatility stocks. Derivatives allow investors to trade on small margins relative to the size of the contract as well as hedge their positions via forward, futures and options to minimize risk.

Protect your Principal

Investors can buy or sell options contracts on all the underlying instruments not only for obtaining income, but also for hedging purposes. Pursuant to the initial meeting, tailor-made investment solutions are designed to fulfill the needs and objectives of investors.